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the fountain…

I recently re-watched a movie named “The Fountain 2006” a movie that really inspired me a lot about how differently i should think about love. I watched it first on 2006 and now very recently, but now i understand how beautifully it shows about Love. Here are some of my thoughts about Love…

Love is a strange feeling that can never true be expressed with words. Actually no one can really express the feeling of Love in a few words.

Love cannot be found by physical searching.

Love cannot be bought by any currency.

Love has no physical form or structure.

Love is like a jackpot that one wins in a lottery, not everyone is able to find it.

Love comes to you when it sees fit.

Love is a feeling that can melt even the cold metal.

Love can be the best extasy that cannot be bought and it also can be a bring of untold pain.

Only those who felt Love know its true form. and those who lost it know its dark side…………